Lady Caprice (France)
"Female Sneaker Fiend" by Lady Priss-K

In honor of its 10th edition being its first global edition--in English and French, on sale in London, NYC and Paris--Lady Caprice takes a close look at ladies' sneaker culture, including some great pics.


Wooden Toy Quarterly (Australia)
"Sneaker Fiends "

Wooden Toy's Volume Five "Chicas Edition" interviews FSF's Lori Lobenstine and graf writer/sneaker customizer Toofly about the state of the sneaker game and female sneaker customizers.


Rive Magazine Issue 2
"Female Sneaker Fiend "

FSF's South Florida Street Team gets some shine as they represent the females in this interactive online fashion and hip hop magazine. Check out the video! FSF featured on page 30.


Trace Magazine
"Sole Obsession " by David "PAN" Barrett

This fashion and culture magazine goes behind the scenes at FSF to interview founder Lori Lobenstine, lead blogger Shanan Campanaro and graphic designer d-nyce .



The Boston Phoenix
"Life, Love and Sneakers" by Camille Dodero

Great article from the Boston Phoenix about sneaker culture in Boston.

The Weekly Drop : Episode 5
with Rob Heppler and Jeff Carvalho

"Don't Sleep on the Ladies. Dont ever say that we did! This episode we bring on Lori from to discuss a variety of important women's sneaker topics: lack of representation? lack of sizes? Lori covers it all and helps dispel a few myths of the female sneaker game."


Sneaker Freaker #10
"It's a She Thang " by Christine Su

Christine interviews some key women in the industry in this onpoint assessment of the women's sneaker game right now.



Sole Collector (AF1 Special Edition)
"(Air Force) One Love " by Lori Lobenstine

Time to honor the AF1...Lori interviews fiends and talks about how this iconic sneaker brings together girls from all sides of the globe and the game.


Christian Science Monitor
"The Sneaker Game " by Steven Ellis

You know sneakers have broken into the main stream when they're covered by the csmonitor. This wide ranging piece is an outsiders look into the crazy subculture.


Lace: sneaker magazine (Germany)
"Ladies' Choice "

An interview with Lori Lobenstine about her views on the sneaker game, her faves, growing up a fiend and more... Published in English and German.



Sneaker Freaker #7
"Female Sneaker Fiends " by Lori Lobenstine

Lori interviews some up and coming movers and shakers in the sneaker world, including Rosemary who owns Goliath, Rose who designs kicks for Pointer, and Kgiovanna who customizes sneakers.

ABC's Chronicle TV
"Jeans and Sneaks "

Youtube captures this 7 minute piece on Boston sneaker culture, including Weekly Drop, Deion from Concepts, Darin Hager of Heyday Footwear and a mini-FSF party at bodega.


Bitch Magazine
"Kicks Just Keep Getting Harder to Find " by Lori Lobenstine

Lori wiles out on the sexism in sneaker culture, complete with incriminating pics .

Sneaker Freaker #6
"She's Got Hightops! " by Lori Lobenstine

Lori's first published sneaker article, this covers growing up a sneaker fiend, tomboys vs. sneaker fiends, her views of the online sneaker community and more...

WAH Magazine
"Just to Get By " and "30 Seconds with DJ Mafia" by Lori Lobenstine

Two short pieces about kicks in this great new mag about women in hip hop. "We Ain't Hoes."

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