APRIL Comp: New and Improved Reebok Comp!

Truth be told, not enough FSFers were fitting into the 2 Reebok x Maeda "Emoretions" (shown below) that we originally had for winners of April's competition. So I went back to Reebok, and asked what they could do to get more folks involved in showing our emotions about our kicks. Not only did they offer to get more sizes (from Europe) so that Emoretion winners can pick their size, but they also offered something for those of you who might not rock this freestyle: a chance to customize your own shoe! (Rbkcustom gift card good for any shoe design.)

SO, here's what you can win:

Reebok x Maeda "Emoretion"


(just my sample of something you can do on

Here's how you can win:

Think about your sneakers. Think about how you get angry if someone steps on one. How you get anxious when you're waiting to see if you won on ebay. How you get all excited when the UPS guy delivers a brand spanking new pair of your heart's desire. How you get jealous when you see that other kid snatch up your size when you finally get to the front of the all-night line. How you get passionate about the differences between deadstock and retro. We do have a lot of emotion around these material objects, don't we? So tell us how you're emotional about your kicks, and you could win your own pair!

Here's an example of one way to do it...

Or you could send us a photo of you showing love for your kicks, like this one of Mafia showing off her Reebok Reverse Jams in Sneaker Freaker's Best of 2007 article:

Whether you jot us a paragraph or send us a jpg, get it in by May 1st to win! Send us some emotion at: (And please specify if you are competing for the gift card or the Emoretions.)

Many thanks to Reebok for this exclusive chance to win!


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