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United States Massachusetts -- Boston, Northampton
Northeast New York -- New York City,
  New Jersey -- Hackensack, Jersey City
  Pennsylvania -- Philadelphia
  Washington DC
West Coast California -- Los Angeles, San Francisco, Berkeley, Hollywood
  Washington -- Seattle
Midwest Illinois -- Chicago
  Michigan --Detroit area, Grand Rapids
South Florida-- Fort Lauderdale , Bal Harbour, Miami coming soon.
  Louisiana--Lafayette Miami and ATL coming soon.! Add listings here.
Europe London Other locations coming soon.
Asia We need your help! Add listings here.
Australia Melbourne, Brisbane
Africa We need your help! Add listings here.
South America We need your help! Add listings here.
  United States -- Northeast

6 Clearway Street, Boston, MA
Closed on holidays and Tuesdays.
Vibe: The concept alone is so well carried out that it’s worth visiting. The kicks seal the deal, but you have to know it’ll be packed with both heads and posers. 
What’s good: All the exclusives you could want, plus uber-trendy streetwear.
Smallest sizes/women’s collection: Fairly decent variety, highlighted by small sizes in fly Pumas.
Reviewed by: Lori

Concepts (inside The Tannery)
11A Brattle St. Cambridge, MA
(617) 491-0810
Weekdays 9-9pm, Saturdays 9-8, Sundays 9-7.
Vibe: A little too-cool-for-school, but once they know you they’re sweeties.
What’s good: Great collection of fairly exclusive Nikes (always dropping the latest AF1), with a smaller (still high end) selection of adidas, NBs, and more. 
Smallest sizes/women’s collection: Not much to cheer about, but if you like Nike’s women’s collection, it’s there.  And they do try to get small sizes.
Reviewed by: Lori

Karmaloop (Flagship Store)
160 Newbury St., Boston, MA
Mon-Thurs 10-8, Fri-Sat 10-9, Sun 11-7 (the biggest streetwear store online!)
Vibe: Newly redone, this truly looks like a flagship store from the dark wood to the fireplace, big screen tVs, etc. The sneaker collection is also larger and on better display, and includes some heat from Alife, New Balance, Reebok, Puma and more.
Smallest sizes/women’s collection: Much bigger online, but not bad in store either.
Reviewed by: Lori


Unite Footwear 
202 Main St., Northampton, MA
Mon-Sat 12-6, Sun 12-5
Vibe: Cool little spot that caters to skaters and hip-hoppers alike, nice knowledgeable staff.
What’s good: Nike SBs, Nikes, Pumas, Onitsuka Tigers, Rbks, adidas, and more.
Smallest sizes/women’s collection: The whole in-store collection is somewhat limited, but women are well represented and they do try for small sizes.  There’s more online too.
Reviewed by: Lori


203 West 125th Street NY, NY
Vibe:  chill, foreign touch
What’s good:  Milkcrate, Atmos, Nike, Nike, Cake, Supra, Porter, Hello Kitty, Luxurie by LRG
Smallest size/women’s collection:  Luxurie brand, SMALL men’s sizes, nice foreign brand influence especially if you enjoy Japan
Reviewed by: Fee

Brooklyn Circus
258 Bergen St Brooklyn, NY
Daily 1-8pm
Vibe:  chill, artsy spot; nice mix of art, music, clothing; great in-store events
What’s good:  Rich Yung, Brooklyn Circus (house brand), Joya, Kim Jones for Umbro, Nike, adidas
Smallest size/women’s collection: small but consistent
Reviewed by: Fee

Dave’s Quality Meat
7 East 3rd Street NY, NY
Mon-Sat 11:30-7:30, Sun 11:30-6:30
Vibe:  intimate, chill, smart owner
What’s good:  Reebok, Gourmet, Nike, Vans, adidas – kicks
Smallest size/women’s collection:  good blend of brands and some SMALL men’s kicks and clothes
Reviewed by: Fee

Flight Club
120 Nassau St, NY, NY
Mon-Sat 12-7, Sun 12-6.
Vibe:  hypebeast wet dream, consignment
What’s good:  just about any brand you can think of, Nike and Jordan Brand heavy, Flight Club (house brand)-clothing
Smallest size/women’s collection:  it’s a consignment only shop, so whatever is in stock
Reviewed by: Fee

Goliath RF
175 E 105th Street, NY, NY
Vibe:  chill, FEMALE friendly, unique look
What’s good:  GoliathRF (house brand), Nike, 10Deep, Crooks & Castles, Hellz Bellz
Smallest size/women’s collection:  YES! Clothes & kicks for the ladies.
Reviewed by: Fee

Reed Space
151 Orchard St NY, NY
Vibe:  boutique, but chill; mix of art, music, clothing, and kicks
What’s good: Staple (house brand), Crooks & Castles, 10Deep, TBG, Hellz Bellz, Mama, Married to the Mob, Parra, Situation Normal, graniph, in4mation, etc.
Smallest size/women’s collection:  YES!  Some of your favorite women’s labels: Clothing:  Hellz Bellz, Married to the Mob, Staple, Mama, Tens; Kicks: Select tier 1 and 0 Nike, New Balance, Gravis, and more.
Reviewed by: Fee

Richmond Hood Co.
386 Van Duzer Street, Staten Island, NY 10304
Sunday, Tuesday - Thursday : 12pm - 8pm; Friday - Saturday : 12pm - 10pm ,
Vibe: Down to earth staff, tunes always bumpin’, sexxxy space, historical district.
What's good: Alien, Relax, Downside Up, Nike SB, Intelligent Design, Remote Control Pimps, DC Shoes, Too Fly, Vans, House Brand…
Smallest sizes/women's selection:Nike SB in a men’s 4. Women’s 5 in DC & Vans
Reviewed by: LinaGirl
EXTRA TIDBIT: Co-owned by Redman

Secret Society
47-09 91 Place Elmhurst, NY
Vibe:  boutique but friendly
What’s good:  Nike, Nike SB, Secret Society Private Label, 3Sixteen, Rogue Status, Reasons Brand, Mishka, Leroy Jenkins, PFK, Garbege, Cake, TITS, Triko, Triumvir, Brinka, Select Goods, Kilo Goods, Rocksmith, Metemano, No
Smallest size/women’s collection:  some SMALL sizes in clothing and kicks
Reviewed by: Fee

Sneaker Bistro
580 Rt 112 Suite 17 Patchogue, NY
Mon-Thurs 12-8, Fri-Sat 12-9, Sun 12-6
Vibe:  knowledgeable staff, chill, boutique look but mom and pop feel
What’s good:  Nike, DC Shoes, Reme, SSUR, Reebok
Smallest size/women’s collection:  Ask and ye shall receive.  Some SMALL sizes, but a nice mix of style sets the Bistro apart.
Reviewed by: Fee

Sugar Headquarters
174 Rivington St, NY, NY
Vibe:  hidden gem spot, artsy feel, impressive brand mix
What’s good:  BBP, Twelve Bar, Peralta Project, Mishka, Mighty Healthy, Cash Only
Smallest size/women’s collection:  GREAT!  The sisters’ look out for the LADIES in all they do.
Reviewed by: Fee

2498 Frederick Douglass Blvd NY, NY
Vibe:  chill, knowledgeable staff, nice location
What’s good:  Famous Stars and Straps, Peralta Project, Bonafide Icon, Nike, Diamond, TBG
Smallest size/women’s collection:  Some SMALL tees & a nice LADIES selection of kicks and clothing.
Reviewed by: Fee

147 West 72nd Street, New York, NY 10023
212 787 8595

Vibe: Definitely friendly and open-minded environment. Down to help everyone and very knowledgeable. Very chilled and laid back spot. Turns out this store is trying to build their gear for females (clothes and female kicks along w/ small sizes in dude's kicks) and is always down to take down what females want! So definitely shoot them an eMail or drop by the store and let them know.
What's good: The typical T's until they find out what else people want, adidas, nike, red wing shoes, wesc, and more
Smallest sizes/women's selection: Shirts and Kicks for the Chicks...
Reviewed by: Jessa

World NYC
187 Chrystie St. NY, NY
Vibe:  knowledgeable staff, chill space, not your average downtown spot
What’s good:  TBG, The Peralta Project, Penfield, AD4, Orisue, The Lovewright Company, Commune, Not 4 Everyone (N4E1), LOLA, WORLD (house brand), One People Project, Double Goose, DQK- clothing; Nike, Jordan Brand- kicks
Smallest size/women’s selection:  No women directed brands, but they do have a nice selection of SMALL sized tees.  Some larger feet (7US men+) may find a pair or two of kicks.
Reviewed by: Fee


Sneaker Rehab
7 Banta Pl Hackensack, NJ
Vibe:  lounge, chill, knowledgeable & friendly staff/ownership
What’s good:  Nike, Reebok, Puma, Treinity, Bobby Fresh, Married to the Mob, Hellz Bellz
Smallest size/women’s collection:  They got it for CHEAP!  The same brands you pay crazy for are here at non-violation prices.
Reviewed by: Fee


Sneaker Room
203 Brunswick St. Jersey City, NJ
Vibe:  chill, true ‘head spot, vintage hunters rejoice, cool owner
What’s good:  Nike, Troop, Reebok, Nike SB, Asics, Rebel Aire, plenty of vintage, plus if you want something, they will hunt for it online and worldwide
Smallest size/women’s collection:  DOPE! Vintage madness, even small size Ewings!
Reviewed by: Fee


1509 Walnut St., Philadelphia, PA

Vibe: The store itself is beautiful, with great artwork including some from Peter Chung, the head designer for supreme, aka cool clam pete.  They also have had major dj's and rapper mos def play for special events.
What’s good? Rare vintage kicks like air raids, carnivores, pegasus, huarache, mowabbs, jordans wildwoods, icarus, etc.   Also, they have a "tier 0" puma account, nike sb account, have had a reebok pump designed especially for them, and more.
Small sizes/women’s selection: They have decent youth and women's selections.  The addition of several streetwear lines adds to the apparel for the discriminating lady.
Reviewed by: Emily

17 N. 3rd St., Philadelphia, PA 19106

Vibe: They are cool, very passionate about streetwear and the sneaker game.  They have very satisfied customers.
What’s good: 10 Deep Acapulco Gold Absurd Adidas Alife Crooks & Castles Gargamel KRINK Nike Orchard Street Pop Soda Quiet Life RealxHead Secret Base Stussy Super 7 The Hundreds Vans Vault.
Smallest sizes/women’s selection: Good selection for the most part.
Reviewed by: Tiara


91781 Florida Ave.  NW
Washington DC, 20009

Vibe/staff: Really friendly people, calm atmosphere
What’s good: Really good selection of street wear brands & has an okay shoe selection for the ladies.
Smallest sizes/women’s selection: Decent women's selection consisting of nikes, vans, keep company, and a few others.
Reviewed by: Mara

1426 Wisconsin Ave. NW Washington, dc 20007
Vibe: Chill atmosphere, good music (there's a DJ on the weekends), very
helpful and attentive staff.

What’s good: An okay selection of women's streetwear, but massive amounts of shoes!
Smallest sizes/women’s selection: Children's and grade school sizes to women's sizes in nike, adidas, jordan, puma, creative recreation, reebok, and much more. A very broad range of sizes and usually plenty in stock. definitely a good place to get kicks.
Reviewed by: Mara

  United States -- West Coast

2328 Bowditch Berkeley, CA
Mon-Fri 11:00am to 7:00pm Sun: 12:00pm to 6:00pm
Vibe: Down to earth staff, very social, knowledge of kicks, just chill
What’s good: Alife, 10 deep, puma, supra, reebok, skooled in korrectness, gourmet, kid robot, creative recreations, etc.
Smallest sizes/women’s selection: Dimepiece, 10 deep, married to the mob, Hellz Bellz, WeSC (some of the things for the ladies)
Reviewed by: Persiah Alcorn

Nike Sportswear West
1615 Vine
Hollywood, CA 90028
Vibe: Great staff, really dope collection for women
What's good: Nike shoes and sportswear, Nike ID studio onsite
Smallest sizes/Women's selection: Plenty of small women’s sizes
Reviewed by: ReeCee

125 West 4th St Los Angeles
M-SAT 11AM – 7PM SUN 12PM - 6PM

Vibe: Like most of LA, the vibe in Blends is super chill. The staff is welcoming and open to answer your every sneaker need.
What’s good: Blends carries all of Nike exclusives, including SBs. I must say, Blends carries the most artistic kicks in the local gallery area. They have limited gear, but they always find a unique way of displaying it.
Smallest sizes/women’s selection?: Blends Downtown has a limited amount of female kicks, but their flagship store in Costa Mesa is dedicated to the ladies. Regardless, it feels good to be surrounded by fierce kicks in the local hood!
Reviewed by: La Don

Brooklyn Projects
7664 Melrose Ave Los Angeles

Vibe: If you skate hard and rock fly kicks, this is the store for you.  The staff is very helpful, so while you try on some kicks you can get some new wheels laced on your board.  By they way, they have the coolest looking staff. 
What’s good? BP has Nike’s finest including dunks, blazers, vandals and more.  They also carry Vans, Chucks, Supras and SBs from time to time.
Smallest sizes/women’s selection: They definitely do with dope tees, kicks and boards. By the way, don’t you love skating in dunks?
Reviewed by: La Don

7320+1/2 Melrose Ave Los Angeles

Vibe: The staff at Capsole beyond their dope kicks have some awesome bikes, but they are not for sale! This great space just recently opened and their women’s sales have been booming for them! Ha ladiez are taken over!
What’s good: Capsole carries Nike (including indie & urban, blazers, vandals, legends and airmax) as well as adidas.
Smallest sizes/women’s selection: Fo sho! They holdin us down lovely!
Reviewed by: La Don

7218 Melrose Ave Los Angeles

Vibe: This male owned sneaker store caters strictly to the ladies and not just with Nike’s floral and pink sneakers. Kendo works hard to get the most exclusive men’s kicks in the smallest sizes to hook the ladies up. With an amazing ambiance and exclusive women’s collection, Kendo is definitely the number one women’s store on my list!
What’s good: What’s not good, homie. Check it out now!
Smallest sizes/women’s selection: Dude no one else reps the ladies like Kendo.
Reviewed by: La Don

Sportie LA
7753 Melrose Avenue (footwear), 7751 Melrose Avenue (apparel), 7754 Melrose Avenue (footwear and apparel)
323-651-1553, 323-852-4996, 323-852-8262

Vibe:  Sportie LA will remind you of that first sneaker that got you addicted.  Since 1983it's had the most rarest and most extensive collection of sneakers. The staff is amazing and love what they do.  This is one store you can spend all day in.  There is no way you can walk out of this place with just one pair of sneakers. 
What’s good: Everything! Literally! Welcome to sneaker heaven.
Smallest sizes/women’s selection: They rep everybody. They even carry limited dunks for infants sometimes!
Reviewed by: La Don

7553 Melrose Ave Los Angeles

Vibe: Straightlaced reminds me of one of those mom and pop shops you find in Brooklyn. Theirr staff feels like sneaker fam.
What’s good: Adidas lovers, this is the spot for you.  They have a great selection of adidas, Pumas, Vans and Converse. Unlike most of the other stores on the block, Straitlaced only sells a small selection of indie t-shirt companies. So these are super exclusive! 
Smallest sizes/women’s selection: They definitely rep the ladies!
Reviewed by: La Don

7662 Melrose Ave Los Angeles

Vibe: Suru is for you street culture fiends. From dope kicks to cool toys and revolving tees (literally), Suru has it all. Their staff is friendly and Jeff will make sure to let you know that Suru does not sleep on the ladies. 
What's good: Suru does not carry women’s sneakers as of yet, but if you’re on Melrose sneaker shopping, you should still stop in and pick up a dope tee from Hellz Bellz, tank theory, Bobi, Goldspun or many more.
Smallest sizes/women’s selection: Only in tees for now. Sneakers coming soon.
Reviewed by: La Don

112 ½  S. La Brea Ave Los Angeles

Vibe: I have discovered that when you go to the most famous sneaker stores you lose customer service, but I guess that’s the price you pay for a paper bag with a name on it. Although my experience was as bad as everyone’s experience at supreme nyc, I still love feeling the sneaker love. You know.
Whats good: Of course the sneaker game is sickity sick. They’re Undefeated!
Smallest sizes/women’s selection: Undefeated always has a dope stock of women’s kicks available.
Reviewed by: La Don


TRUE Sole (also TRUE Women, TRUE Men, all next to each other)
1429 Haight Street (between Ashbury St & Masonic Ave)
San Francisco, CA 94117 (415) 626-2600
Vibe: Great atmosphere with young staff who themselves rep the clothes and shoes they have, great music--not an uptight feel at all.
What's good: Lots of colorful hard to find shoes and clothes w/ brands that honor the ladies like: Hellz Bellz, Mixer Friendly, Koncious Klothing, Sould and more. Lots of shoes for the ladies as well--TRUE really treats the women w/ a large selection of clothes and shoes in our sizes
Smallest sizes/Women's selection: smallest size is 5, they also have kids' 3 1/2 and 4 sometimes that will fit women
Reviewed by: Sarah Alaoui


Mon - Sat 11-7; Sunday 11-5
Vibe: great relaxed atmosphere. Shoes, Music, Art.
What's good: Clae, Clarks originals, Creative Rec, Feit, Gravis, JB Classics, Jhung Yuro, New Balance, Nike, Onitsuka, Puma, Reebok, Supra.
Smallest sizes/women's selection:
Reviewed by: SusanK

  United States -- Midwest

1272 N Milwaukee Ave Chicago, IL 60622 
Normal business player hours!

Vibe: Diana's has been my secret spot for many many years! There is always the same 3 people there, and they naturally seem like your homeboy or homegirl who will hook you up! Diana's is cheaper and more unique than any of the boutiques on Milwaukee.
What’s good: (brands, styles, etc.) Half the store is for the ultimate sneaker fiend, the other half is exactly right for any lady! They have stylish stilettos, hot hooker shoes, and more! The other side of the store has a great colorful selection of Nikes, Pumas, Converse Chuckers, Timberlands & Jordans!
Smallest sizes/women’s selection: Ladies, they are not lackin' like those other selfish men’s boutiques!
Reviewed by: Brenda bee

Saint Alfred
1531 North Milwaukee, Chicago

Vibe: Too cool for school.
What’s good: They carry the usual, NIKE, JORDAN, ALIFE, as well as their own brand.
Smallest sizes/women’s selection: Nice selection
Reviewed by:  Tiara


All City Kicks
139 S. Division Ave., Grand Rapids, MI
(616) 301-7484 
Vibe: All City is mos def a chill out space. It’s a very relaxed environment.
What’s good: Sneaker brands like Nike, Creative Rec, Lacoste Stealth, NB Tier 1, Clarks Wallybee, Clae, Alife, adidas. Apparel like LRG, 10Deep, Crooks and Castles, Alife, Mishka, Kilo goods, King Stampede, etc.
Smallest sizes/women's selection: Don’t know the smallest size in women's, but I do know they carry women’s sizes.
Reviewed by: Tiara


Burn Rubber
202 West 4th St. Royal Oak, MI 48067
(248) 543-3000;;

Vibe: The staff is really helpful and knowledgeable.
What’s good: 10 Deep, 3Sixteen, Adidas, Alife, Creative Recreation, Crooks & Castles, Jordan, JB Classic, Mama, Mishka, Nike (Quickstrike), New Balance (Tier 1) Puma, Sneaker Headz brand Tees, Undrcrwn, Vans.
Small sizes/ women’s selection: Great women's selection (i.e. Alife, Supra, etc.), smallest size is a men’s 5.
Reviewed by: Tiara

  United States -- South

106 Arnould Blvd. Lafayette, LA  70506
Monday-Saturday 11am-7pm

Vibe: This is definitely a chill space.
What’s good: Kicks like adidas, Nike, New Balance, Reebok and JB Classic. Lots of streetwear from many many brands, including 3Sixteen, 10 Deep, Akomplice, Artful Dodger, Crooks & Castles, the Hundreds, RAW and their own store line.
Smallest sizes/women’s selection: Very good selection for small sizes
Reviewed by: Tiara


ADDICT - The Fashion Sneaker Store
9700 Collins Ave # 234, Bal Harbour, FL 33154
(305) 864-1099ý
10am - 9pm
Vibe: “Attractive, chic, different, evolution.”
What's Good: Everything! The colors, styles and textures are delicious... although many say diamonds are a girl’s best friend - in reality shoes are!
Smallest sizes/women's selection: Sleek Alexander McQueen's, sparkly Nike and Adidas with crystals, party Pumas! Collector editions of AF1, Adicolor and Lacoste. Smallest size is a women’s 4.
Reviewed by: Anonymous female customer, interviewed by staff.


Hi-Top Studio
700 SW 27th Ave, Ft Lauderdale,  FL
Mon-Wed 1p-8pm, Thurs-Sat 1p-9pm, Sun 1p-7p. Summer by appt. only.
Vibe:  Where other boutiques may get caught up in the sneaker  snobiety, Hi-Top Studio is a comfortable environment to get  something fresh and  exclusive.  They have a good selection of streetwear brands not only for the men, but the ladies too.
What’s good: Hi-Top Studio is not only a streetwear and sneaker boutique, but it is also a full recording and production studio! It’s everything a musician could need or want.
Small sizes/women’s selection: Co-owned by a woman, this store does not sleep on the ladies.  They’ve gotten female brands from the go.
Reviewed by: Emily


91-95 Brick Lane, London, E1 6QJ
020 7770 6222
10-7pm 7 days a week

Vibe: The store space doubles up as an Art Gallery for Graffiti, and there are occasional Sneaker Launch parties. On the whole the staff are nice and helpful, but there's the standard screw-face dude who you can't take personally.
What’s good: A lot of Nike, and some Puma. Also got a fair amount of apparel.
Smallest sizes/women’s selection: UK 4 and the occasional UK 3. They stock what they can get hold of, and do moan at brands for not having certain things.
Reviewed by: Lou (Also positively reviewed by Aix)

Meteor Sports
410 Bethnal Green Road London, E2 0DJ
+44 (0)20 7739 0707
Mon- Thur 10.30am- 6pm, Fri, Sat 10am-7pm.

Vibe/staff: These guys are warm and friendly, like an older brother or something. Open since the 80s, the shop hasn't changed either, and you could walk right by it except for the ridiculously limited edition trainers that litter the store front window.
What’s good: Ultra, ultra exclusive range of trainers from plain Nike Air Rifts (£50-£450) to the sublime and ridiculously expensive limited edition trainers from Rocafella (into five figures). They buy lots of trainers esp. from the US and Japan.
Smallest sizes/women’s selection:  Well....because it's in a gritty part of town and it is hard to find in amongst all the Indian take-away shops and market stalls, the smaller women’s stuff is cheaper or discounted...holy moly...
Reviewed by: Aix

33-34 Carnaby Street, London, W11 1LB (and many other locations)
0207 792 8494
11.30- 7.30pm Mon-Sat, 12-6pm Sun

Vibe: Staff should be friendly unless you go when it's real busy and they're rushed off their feet- then it can get a little rude! Most workers have extra product info.
What’s good: A lot of 'exclusive to Size' Nikes, Pumas and Asics. Plenty of apparel and the occasional track suit.
Smallest sizes/women’s selection: Pointers and Vans are showing the ladies a little love with styles starting at a UK 3 or 4. If you look carefully at other brands there are small sizes about. Most of the Nike Max's are available. 
Reviewed by: Lou

no longer in existence.

Footpatrol RIP
Was 16a St Anne's Court, W1 London.  Now it's a vacant white space of nothingness.
Phone: Disconnected
Was open for five years... Mon-Fri 11am-7pm, Sat until 6.30pm.
Vibe: The staff were like smiling encyclopedias.
What was good:  They were an independent small business in Soho taking on the likes of the big corporates like Size?, Office, Footlocker and JD. They raised the bar for store design and they stopped a lot of the eye punishments on Soho's fashionista streets.
Smallest sizes/women’s selection:  About 40% of the stock catered to the ladies.
Reviewed by: Aix


161-163 Elizabeth Street, Lower Level, Brisbane  QLD  4000
+ 61 7 3210 0073

Vibe: Real slick fit-out with nightclub atmosphere with mirrors and dark ceilings. The Apartment dwellers really know their stuff and will always say hi and goodbye, but know when to let you do your thing. They also throw a great party.
What's good: The boys say their collection is dedicated to "top shelf everything" so a selection of high-end stuff. Good range of ladies wear including a number of dressier cut and sew garments, along with t-shirts and hoodies.Great for limited edition product. Currently stocking PAM, Rittenhouse, Stussy, Addict, 10.Deep, Carhartt.  Sneakers - Nike, Adidas, Puma, Reebok, Umbro by Kim Jones, Vans.
Smallest sizes/women's selection: The boys definitely win when it comes to footwear, but still some choice ladies' kicks. Again good for exclusive drops.
Reviewed by: Katie j

35 Adelaide Street, Brisbane  QLD  4000
+ 61 7 3012 7888 - updated regularly when new stock drops

Vibe: Chill, knowledgeable guys that won't hassle you, but are keen to help when needed.
What's good:  In ladies wear currently stocking staples Married to the Mob and Hellz Bellz - not a huge range of brands BUT a big selection of both. Sneakers - Nike, Puma, Reebok, Adidas, Vans, New Balance, JB Classics. Also stock sunglasses, bags, toys, laces, sneaker paint, skate decks and hardware, books, magazines, DVDs. The store also holds regular events.
Smallest sizes/women's selection: One of the largest selection of ladies kicks in Brisbane, and they order small mens sizes when they can.
Reviewed by: Katie j

Shop 29 TCB Arcade, 315 Brunswick Street, Fortitude Valley QLD  4006
+61 7 3310 4480
Mon-Thurs & Saturday 10am-6pm, Friday 10am-9pm, Sunday 10am-3pm
Vibe: Like a little cave hidden away in new Valley fashion-hotspot, TCB Arcade.  Staff are quiet, but helpful.
What's good: Some unique style choices of big-name brands including Nike, adidas, Puma, Converse, K-Swiss and Vans, plus Brisbane's only stockist of Creative Recreation!  Good range of women's tees from Kidrobot, Lifetime Collection, and Acrylick.  Also stock a number of zines, bags and toys.
Smallest sizes/women's selection: Surprisingly large selection of ladies’ kicks.
Reviewed by: Katie j


63 Elizabeth St. Melbourne CBD, VIC, 3000
+61 3 9620 1101

Vibe: Vibe is cool, walk down below street level to a world of basketball jerseys, flat caps and sneakers.
What’s good: They have everything related to basketball. It’s awesome for Jordans!  They also have a chill out area in the store with beanbags equipped with DVD and Playstation facilities and a variety of old school sneaks around the joint.
Smallest sizes/women’s selection: You have to just do the try on game. I have found some sizes on sale. It is all about bball.
Reviewed by: Emz

Provider - Melbourne CBD
11 Manchester Lane Melbourne CBD, VIC, 3000
+61 3 9654 4055,

Vibe: The staff are very friendly and know their stuff! It is a great layout, very open. Nice clean display.
What’s good:Sneaker launches, city location but not being based in a main street. A step up in the world of sneaker stores.
Smallest sizes/women’s selection: You see what you get, they provide ladies'ranges as much as they do with men’s. Variety of sneaks, clothes, caps and accessories.
Reviewed by: Emz


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