JenOne runs her own pillow company, Vanilla Medallions. Her tagline is "Made with Mad Love", and we think you're gonna haveplenty of love for these sneaker pillows!

Contact her at

Amanda Yoa

Amanda runs her own sneaker customizing business, and you can see she's deadly. Check her diverse skills here, with kicks that honor everyone from Madonna to Dora the Explorer and Red Sox legend Ted Williams!

Contact her at

Miss Saigon

Miss Saigon of the deadly new crew "Saigon Customs" just took home some gold from the most recent Funkmaster Flex Sneaker Battle. From lush colors to steely black and white, she's got skillzzzzz.

Website coming soon.

Fetti D'biasi

Fetti found FSF first, but I was lucky enough to bump into her at the first International Sneaker Battle: the only girl customizer representin'! This girl's got sneakers with watches, programmable lights, Toucan Sam, Skittles and even emergency Bacardi.

Contact her at:


This multi-media graphic artist has been down with FSF from the start. Her versatility ranges from customs to paintings, flyers and yes, lightboxes!

You can also see more of her work at


Krome just emailed me from myspace. This girl is insane! Skillz? Photos, paint, digital, name it: if it's got to do with a passion for nikes, she's on it!

Check out more of her design work at


Okay, some of us mess around with painting our sneakers. Don't get that confused with a real artist doing her thing! Here are some customs so juicy, they make me hungry. No wonder they're called reeses, watermelon, tangerines,etc. Look for K in Sneaker Freaker 7...

You can also order your very own babies by emailing her at


Georgie is one of the most prolific sneaker artists I know. She's got everything from flying sneakers to disco ones, plus Run DMC, FSF posters and much more...


Imani is a nasty female customizer reppin' DC with a whole variety of skills and styles. Need some sneakers to rep your team, style or city? You got it.

You can find her at or

Krystal Whitaker

Well there are a lot of things I love about running this website, not least of which is occasionally getting sneakers in the mail...woohoo! But this care package of art made me just as happy; how often does someone take the time to mail you original art?!? This is up-and-coming artist Krystal "K-Dot" Whitaker showing her style and passion!

Du Pham

Alright ladies, wouldn't you love to see sneakers growing on trees? Well that's just the start of it here. Du Pham's got some creative takes on kicks, and I love how she mixes them into all kinds of environments. Schuhlude! (Whatever that means...)

Sher Sher

Stitchin', splatterin', stripin'...our girl Sher Sher does it all. Check these hot customs, and more coming. (And she was featured with Kgiovanna in Fifth Avenue Magazine. You go ladies!) 

You can also check out her clothing line, Funkey Flashback Apparel, at


Here is some stuff I have NEVER seen before! I don't even know how artist Sesanii does it. If you're ready to walk into a room and say, "You can't top this!", find out how to get your hands on one of these one-of-a-kind kicks. You can dress these bad boys up or down, but you can't hide 'em!

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